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Raccoon Removal From Attics and Chimneys Denver

Do you hear noises coming from the attic, roof or chimney?


Raccoon invasions of homes and businesses is a very common occurrence here in Denver  and Colorado. Raccoons look for a safe, secure place for their babies to protect them from  their predators who also make the area their home. A chimney or attic offers the critters a  perfect place. We've been humanely removing raccoons from homes here in Denver and  all over the front range of Colorado for over 28 years.


We go through a specific process  when we are helping homeowners with their raccoon problem: 


  1. The first step is to do a complete inspection of your home: We have to find out how the  raccoons are gaining access to your property. 
  2. We create a humane plan to trap the raccoon(s) and relocate the animal(s) to their  proper surroundings.
  3. We then take steps to make sure they don't get back in your home through the attic  or chimney. Call us today so we can get someone over to your home before they do  more damage to your property.