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Pigeon and Bird Removal Services Denver

Does your home or commercial building have a pigeon problem?


Pigeon droppings cause excessive damage to property, buildings, automobiles, and machinery.  The droppings deface and accelerate the destruction to buildings and can also kill vegetation.  Pungent odor and aesthetic appearance is unpleasant to passing pedestrians and customers.  Economic losses are significant, due to the need to clean droppings, repair damage, and to  maintain safe working conditions. Feathers can plug ventilation units and can cause other  associated problems including numerous health hazards.


At Animal Removal Of Denver we've  been helping residents in Denver and all of Colorado deal with pigeon problems. We have the  experience dealing with this problem with commercial buildings as well as pigeons that have  chosen to invade individual homes in attics and chimneys. Call us today to schedule your  appointment so we can get started helping you with your pigeon problem.